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The SEO, search engine optimization is one of the most important part of online marketing, right along with paid advertising. While some marketers experts prefer using paid ads the others prefer utilizing SEO. There is a plenty of SEO agencies offering their services to the international and local businesses, therefore only a few really understand what is SEO all about. In this article I would like to provide a short description of search engine optimization and how to choose the right expert who knows what to do.

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In these days the best choice would be to go after the individual professionals rather than the big agencies. Even better is if the particular person that you are thinking of hiring, is doing the SEO for his own sites or other clients that he can prove the actual results to you, instead of just kind of shooting blind into the dark, if you know what I mean.

Ok, first I want to little bit describe what SEO actually is, and then give a little clue of solid SEO campaign.

The whole job consists in optimizing the website and the content around it, for boosting the website’s rankings in the search engine listings like Google. And of course, claim the first spot on the first page if possible, but for some highly competitive keywords, just get on the first page is satisfying enough.

So first thing is to analyze the existing or even new website, if bought from the auction of expired domains, to see how many backlinks it has and how powerful they are, if its indexed by Google and other search engines, if its not under the penalty for bad “black hat” SEO etc…

Then based on that data and the business niche that I am in, I would find the most lucrative keywords and keyphrases, write or hire someone else to write about 5 – 10 good quality articles, specificaly optimized with the right selection and density of main and secondary keywords that I wish to rank for. Its called On-page SEO, and everything is conected to another. If this first part is not done right, the rest, more consuming and expensive part, would be just absolutely pointless and worthless. So many who do the SEO forget about that.

The next is Off-page SEO, and being much more complexed, for long term run. In a nut shell, I have to create some content around the main money website by submitting guest posts, building the backlinks from high authority websites, submitting press releases, the right way, creating social accounts, engaging with other similar content and participating in the conversations got the picture.

Everything of that is obviously done by one person, like me, but it has to look like its all happening natural, no spamming and low quality toxic links. The more natural and consistent the SEO job is the better results you can expect.

The Focus

We know that the market is quiet saturated with many different SEO companies, professionals, experts etc. so people, businesses have wide range of choice to choose the one that they think is the best and most reliable. That’s why we decided to come up with something even better than most of them. Delivering real results. will be focused on businesses in the major cities and towns in Ireland such as Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Sligo, Waterford and many more, and while the popularity and size of the company will grow we’ll be expanding into all areas.

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